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The Mission of Regional School District 17 is to engage our students in an educational community that challenges students with high standards and builds their capacity to succeed and their aspiration to improve themselves and their society.


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(If you do not receive an email reply, please call (860) 663-1242 to report the attendance)
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Haddam-Killingworth Intermediate School Overview 2023-24
HKIS Student and Parent/Guardian Handbook 2022-23
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    Eric Larson
    Phone: (860) 663-1241
    Fax: (860) 663-2071 




School Information
Mailing Address: Telephone: (860) 663-1241 Daily Start Time: 8:50 AM
Haddam-Killingworth Intermediate School Fax: (860) 663-2071 Daily End Time: 3:35 PM
451 Route 81   Delayed Start Time: 10:50 AM
Killingworth, CT 06419 Grades: 4 - 5 Early Dismissal Time: 1:15 PM